Good Fortune Harvest has interests in the dairy, beef, grain/fodder and seafood sub-sectors as part of Lyon’s growing agricultural platform.

Lyon is progressing dairy and beef projects of major scale that will have a marked positive impact on the Australian agricultural industry, access key Asian growth markets in partnership with leading Asian food groups; will provide an avenue for significant direct and third party investment in the sector and development of brands.

The platform provides an avenue previously not available for investment in the agri sector as it largely removes commodity risk.

Lyon’s agri platform:

  • benefits from consolidating production/processing in the above sectors to gain scale efficiencies and increased modernisation;
  • takes advantage of newly developed shipping techniques and arrangements that provide lower cost solutions;
  • consolidates shipping fleets to gain efficiencies by removing wasteful duplication;
  • accesses dedicated ports in Asia controlled by Lyon’s partners/clients to minimise delays in delivery;
  • access to destination processing facilities controlled by our partners/clients to maximise shelf life, reduce costs and tailor product to the local market;
  • benefits from longer term offtake contracts to be provided by our partners that deliver greater certainty regarding price and volume to producers;
  • sophisticate electronic link between customer needs and raw production to ensure aqlignment between customer needs and production scheduling;
  • provides a closer alignment between end customer and production; and
  • aligns interests through the supply chain.

Case Study: Integrated dairy supply chain to Asia

Good Fortune Harvest is implementing an advanced Integrated Supply Chain model that will manage dairy products from farm to retail outlets in a number of Asian countries with a target minimum volume of 1 billion litres per year.

The project is underwritten by a mandate from one of Asia’s largest food conglomerates to supply its long term dairy needs and will bring best practice milk production, processing and supply chain management together to provide least cost delivered dairy products to Asian markets and enhanced sustainability to Australian dairy farms.

The project will also provide a new business model for institutional investors seeking to invest in the agri sector which provides risk management throughout the supply chain and removes much of the commodity risk from the traditional agri sector business model. Lyon will be releasing further information as appropriate.